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12.5 Tonne

Bucket Stand

The ultimate solution for front-end loader maintenance.

About the product.

Catering to the unique maintenance requirements of front-end loaders:

Offering unparalleled support and convenience.

Our specialized 12.5 tonne front-end loader support stand offers the ultimate solution for front-end loader maintenance. With its height range, lightweight composite support column and specially crafted wheel system.


This stand provides the ideal solution for safe and efficient access for maintenance activities. Benefit from its tailored design, height adjustability, lightweight construction and retractable/lockable wheel system.


Optimised for front-end loader maintenance

Purpose-built to support the lift arms (boom) of front-end loaders during maintenance tasks. They offer a secure and stable platform for technicians working on hoist cylinders, control valves, bucket wear packages and other crucial components.

Height range and accessibility

Accommodating different front-end loader models and ensuring optimal accessibility to various maintenance points with a height range spanning from 1400mm up to 2200mm. Technicians can confidently perform tasks at the desired working height, enhancing optimal efficiency and safety.

Lightweight construction

Our lightweight composite column is a perfect balance between strength and manoeuvrability, weighing less than 70kg. This enables effortless positioning, movement and allows technicians to work autonomously.

Retractable/locking wheel system

Streamline mobility and placement with our newly developed retractable wheel system that locks. An innovative feature designed exclusively for the bucket stand that allows effortless movement and secure positioning around the workshop.

Upgrading your maintenance activities to ensure safety, accessibility and efficiency is the main priority in your operations today.

Product features.

Lightest 12.5 tonne x 2m capacity stand

Composite technology

Easy to manoeuvre

Global IP protection

Wheels for mobility

Replace heavy steel stands and timber blocks

Latch and pin free height adjusting inserts


Product details.

12.5 tonne (12,500kg) Working Load Limit (W.L.L.)

Solid steel engagement head, 150mm sq

Composite column, 125mm sq

Anodised CNC machined aluminium base, 920mm dia

Chromoly bracing tubes

Corrosion resistant powder coating

10 year UV vinyl wrap


1600mm – 59.0kg

1700mm – 60.0kg

1800mm – 61.0kg

2000mm – 63.0kg

2100mm – 64.0kg

2200mm – 65.0kg

Product benefits.

Reduced risks associated with manual handling, positioning and storing

Less than half the weight of other steel stands, in most cases

Corrosion resistant to maximise durability, service life and reduce maintenance

Increased productivity and reduced operational costs

Height adjusting inserts without pins and latches for safer use


12.5t | Bucket Support Stand (25mm column)









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