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Our story.

Composite Stands are utilising innovative composite material in industrial applications with the view of reducing manual handling weights and improving productivity.

Our Mission

At Composite Stands, we strive to create and produce a robust yet light-weight jack stands made of composite material to safely support, lift and hold heavy duty machinery and vehicles. We proudly develop and manufacture in Australia to cater to not just localised customers but also to customers globally.

Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is to ensure safety for all workers and reduce the risk of injuries. It is a much healthy and safe alternative for workers engaged in activities such as assembly, maintenance, lifting and storage of heavy duty equipment. We believe that this can drastically improve efficiency and productivity.


Our people.

Our People

Matthew Dow

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Co-founder & Managing Director

25 years experience providing safe, strategic & operational leadership in uniquely challenging engineering, production & maintenance environments. Demonstrated outcomes in businesses involving the need for significant process improvement & change management – with significant equipment fleets & large scale workforces;


Innovative thinker in maintenance, engineering equipment & practices. Early adopter of new technologies that have significantly improved maintenance & performance outcomes in senior roles for major mining services companies;

Experience in senior roles for major mining enterprises as well as in being the CEO/MD role in the building of and managing of small to medium sized privately owned engineering, maintenance and services businesses within the mining industry;

Background is a Qualified Diesel Hydraulic Plant Mechanic in the Coal Mining Industry, NSW, Australia. Subsequently progressed to various higher order technical and formal business and leadership management studies as roles became more senior within the resources industry. Has particular skill at building and leading teams of people in engineering, production & maintenance departments responsible for the effective execution of business growth and improvement plans.


Brian MacDonald

Co-founder & Director

Brian MacDonald is a professional Engineer, BEng (Hons), Company Director and Manager with over 30 years experience in mining and resources industry.


His previous roles include Managing Director of Vale Australia, Managing Director of AMCI Australia, Coal Group CEO of MIM Holdings, and Senior Executive within the Thiess Group. With his extensive leadership experience and knowledge of underground coal mining processes and engineering, Brian has lead and managed the development and operation of numerous mining projects within Australia and internationally.


Brian also represented the Industry in senior roles as former Director of Qld Mining Council, Australian Coal Association and ACARP, the Australian coal industry’s peak research body.


Leah Korlevic

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Marketing & Social Media Director

Leah has over 20 years experience in high level administration at both corporate and entrepreneurial levels. She has been exposed to diverse and challenging business environments and is recognized for her ability to identify continuous change actions to enhance business practices and is often behind significant business improvement.

Her functions include marketing, advertising, brand promotion, product development and project management. You will find Leah planning and developing social media campaigns. Crafting compelling content. Posting content across social media accounts. Engaging with customers on different channels. Analyzing running campaigns and being on top of the latest trends.

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