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35 Tonne

Jack Stand

Experience the ultimate combination of strength and convenience.

About the product.

Designed for demanding tasks, our rated 35 tonne Jack Stand combines exceptional

load-bearing capacity with innovative features for enhanced efficiency.

With a focus on lightweight construction and ease of placement, we offer a solution that ensures safety and convenience for technicians. One can experience ultimate combination of strength and convenience with our

heavy duty 35 tonne fixed height jack stand.

Unmatched strength

With a certified rating of 35 tonnes, our Composite jack stand is built to handle heavy loads with confidence and reliability. You can trust its robust composite column to provide steadfast support during your maintenance operations.

Enhanced convenience

We understand that moving stands of this capacity can be challenging without mechanical assistance. To address this, we have developed a lightweight and adjustable-length placement trolley. This trolley allows for safe and effortless movement of the stands, keeping technicians out of harm's way and reducing the risk of injury.

Fixed height stability

Similar to our range of products, our 35 tonne jack stand employs a fixed height design, eliminating the potential problems with adjusting pins and latches. The stands range in fixed heights from 300mm up to 1300mm, providing a comprehensive selection to accommodate various machinery and working conditions.

Height adjustability

For added versatility, we offer two height-adjusting inserts of 50mm and 100mm. These inserts allow fine-tuning of the stand's height to precisely meet your specific requirements, ensuring optimal positioning during maintenance activities.

 Benefit from its impressive load capacity, innovative placement trolley, and versatile height adjustability.  Elevate your heavy-duty maintenance operations to new heights today.

Product features.

Extremely lightweight in this segment, with exceptional load bearing capacity

Composite technology

Easily stored in close proximity

Global IP protection

Trolley attachment for mobility

Replace heavy steel stands and timber blocks

Latch and pin free height adjusting inserts

Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 11.50.46 am.png

Product details.

35-tonne (35,000kg) Working Load Limit (W.L.L.)

Solid steel engagement head, 150mm sq

Composite column, 125mm sq

Anodised CNC machined aluminium base, 365mm sq (T2)/450mm sq (T3)

Corrosion resistant powder coating

10 year UV vinyl wrap



(Type 2)

400mm - 25kg

500mm - 29kg

600mm - 30kg

700mm - 31kg

800mm - 32kg

Height (T3)

900mm - 57kg

1000mm - 58kg

1100mm - 59kg

1200mm - 60kg

1300mm - 61kg

1350mm - 62kg

Product benefits.

Reduced risks associated with manual handling, positioning and storing

Less than half the weight of other steel stands, in most cases


Corrosion resistant to maximise durability, service life and reduce maintenance

Increased productivity and reduced operational costs

5S storage solution to improve functionality

Height adjusting inserts without pins and latches for safer use


Type 2

CS_35t_Jack Stand T3_125mm Column_400_400.png

Type 3

35t | Jack Stand (125 column)

Type 2







Type 3







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Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 11.50.46 am.png

35t | Height adjustment insert

35t_height adj.png

125-I-50-R | 125-I-100-R


35t | Swivel & Winged ball head

CS_35t_Swivel & Winged Ball Head_125mm_400_400.png

T3-Swivel-Head | T3-Swivel-Wing


35t | Placement trolley




35t | Placement trolley:

Adapter plates


017-111 AP-T2 | 017-111 AP-T3

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