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15 Tonne

Jack Stand

A technologically advanced alternative to traditional, heavy steel jack stands.

About the product.

Transform maintenance and repair for heavy applications: 

A practical solution to ensure your processes around jack stands are

efficient, cost-effective and safe.

Invest in the ultimate safety and stability for your heavy-duty maintenance needs with our certified 15 tonne jack stands. With fixed heights and a range of height-adjusting inserts available, we also address the inherent risks associated with adjustable pins and catches.

Impressive capacity

With a certified rating of 15 tonnes, our jack stands are built to handle even the most demanding loads. Trust in their robust construction to support your heavy machinery securely during maintenance operations.

Wide height range

Choose from our selection of fixed height stands ranging from 300mm up to 700mm in 100mm increments. This comprehensive range ensures that you can find the perfect height to accommodate your maintenance tasks.

Height adjusting inserts

Enhancing the versatility of our jack stands with our height adjusting inserts. Options are available in 25mm, 50mm and 75mm increments. These inserts have been designed specifically for the engagement head of our stands to fine-tune your height requirements.

Fixed height

Eliminating the risks associated with adjustable mechanisms, our fixed height stands provide peace of mind. You can confidently work beneath your machinery knowing that your equipment is securely held at the desired height.

Choose our heavy-duty 15 tonne fixed height jack stands for unmatched reliability and improve your safety processes. Elevate your maintenance practices today.

Product features.

Extremely lightweight

Handle to carry easily

Composite technology

Easily stored in close proximity

Global IP protection

Replace heavy steel stands and timber blocks

Latch and pin free height adjusting inserts


Product details.

15 tonne (15,000kg) Working Load Limit (W.L.L.)

Solid steel engagement head, 100mm dia

Composite column, 89mm dia

Die-cast CC401 grade aluminium base, 300mm sq

Corrosion resistant powder coating

10 year UV vinyl wrap.


250mm – 7.5kg

300mm – 7.7kg

400mm – 8.2kg

500mm – 8.7kg

600mm – 9.2kg

700mm – 9.8kg

Product benefits.

Reduced risks associated with manual handling, positioning and storing

Less than half the weight of other steel stands, in most cases


Corrosion resistant to maximise durability, service life and reduce maintenance

Increased productivity and reduced operational costs

5S storage solution to improve functionality

Height adjusting inserts without pins and latches for safer use

15t _ j.stand.png

15t | Jack Stand (89 mm column)







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