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Covid19 Unleashed Its Beast

It's times like these... By Leah Korlevic

There is a bit of a backstory on the impact that Covid19 has had on our business. It may not have been the initial plan for 2020 but I can definitely say that we took the positive out of the negative and turned it around.

Expansion was on the horizon at the start of this year after taking on a new partner. Volume orders were being placed. Preparation to move the factory to a facility that could cater for our future growth was underway. A team of new people were being sought to come under our employ. Research & Development was in full swing to further our product line and all the things that come with it.

Years and years of prior hard work, sweat and tears had led us to this point and as we were letting out the clutch, Covid19 unleashed its beast, setting our plans into a tailspin.

As global hysteria took hold, we committed our families to safety and then hunkered down to preserve our business. Not knowing what the future would hold and not understanding the effect that this could have on our livelihood.

Surrounded by uncertainty, travel and flights were cancelled, borders closed and with that being asked to stay at home by the Government. There was no longer an option for travel interstate which would have an insurmountable effect on our business. It was at this moment that we realised, if we wanted to continue producing throughout this period, we would need to relocate from QLD back to NSW.

No sooner all of our key stakeholders had agreed that this was required for the company to sustain our future plans and move forward, then we embarked on the journey to bring it home. In the space of a week our entire factory was packed and loaded onto trucks. The gear that was already on the way to our new facility, redirected.

Obviously it didn’t stop there. Then came the arduous task of setting up shop so that we would be fully operational in record time. We worked as a team, tirelessly, day in and day out. An interim office space was set-up and the factory floor started to take shape once more. 

Although sales dropped because customers lost their confidence in spending, we used this time to produce stock two fold, plan and be ready for when we come out at the other end, a bigger and brighter future.

To sum it up, it's not everyday that we are faced with challenges of this magnitude in business but it's times like these when you need to re-adjust your position so that you can find your feet again.

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