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According to a 2017 news article, published by the University of Sydney, entitled; “Is back pain killing us?” Back pain affects approximately 700 million people worldwide. Back pain is the leading cause of disability globally – Back pain affects 4 million people in Australia that is 1 in 6. The total cost of treatment costs exceeds $1 billion per year!

Handling heavy loads manually can lead to injuries if the load abruptly hits the worker or causes falling or slipping. At the same time, handling lighter loads for long hours without rest can also cause fatigue. A lighter load can feel too heavy after hours of handling, causing inappropriate movements, and the risk of disorders and injuries. Pushing and pulling loads, particularly in awkward positions is a leading cause of back strain and or injury in the workplace.

During recent discussions with our customers regarding the cost of rehabilitating an injured employee, suffering a back injury, we were surprised to find that our estimated figures were too low and most budgeted double our estimate. Moreover, they estimated the non-direct costs, the unrelated impact to the employee, to be much greater.

We have recently replaced some 125 t steel stands (35 kgs each) with Composite Stands 9 kgs each, considerably safer for the employees to maneuver and store.

Our objective is to reduce the risk of personal injury related to the manual handling heavy steel stands into place under machinery and equipment. Benefits of this 15 tonne Jack Stand are less than half the weight of other stands, easily handled, stored directly in the work area using minimal space, reduces the time for deployment and storage, alignment with %S workplaces, corrosion resistant for durability. Can be used with other Composite Stand attachments such as sawhorse or cable holder and more.

Composite Stands produce a robust yet extremely light weight jacking stand to safely support vehicles, machinery, vessels and equipment typically used for maintenance and/or storage purposes. Our goal is to design stands that address long-term human safety and ergonomic risks associated with stands, and in particular, higher capacity devices. For more information on our Composite Stands, please click here to request an onsite demonstration.

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